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Bioremediation of Wastewater Specialists

Wastewater bioremediation

The bioremediation technology entails the release of micro- oxygenated bubbles into the base of the water body. This enables the infusion of these micro-oxygenated bubbles into the organic mass thereby lifting it back into suspension on the surface. While in suspension this mass is digested in situ with aerobic bacteria. The inorganic mass is therefore released and is taken out of suspension to settle on the base. This is NOT a FLOCULATION process and works exactly the opposite. Due to the infusion of the pure oxygen, not air, eutrophication is prevented, and remediation is achieved.

This process has been proven with independent bodies in the following areas. Pipeline rehabilitation, oil spillage, dairy waste, industrial waste, oil spillage into waterways, abattoirs, fisheries, koi farms acid mine drainage and sewage waste


The effective treatment of sewage with municipal, commercial and private applications.


Environmentally friendly solutions to many Industrial challenges that can reduce costs and overheads

Acid Mine Drainage

A viable cost effective solution to AMD


Bioremediation offers a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for treating traditionally difficult to remediate wastewater from abattoirs.

Fisheries & Koi Ponds

We have a great success with the treatment, maintenance and remediation of fish ponds and tanks.

Dairy Waste

Effective treatment of grease traps and the digestion of the waste fats and sludge typical of this industry.



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